NSFK Aeromodeling Proficiency Badge in Gold

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Product Overview

This stick pin constructed of gilt iron – magnetic, the reverse bears the patent number “261945” and the serial number “027”. There are only a few other known examples and none that I have found are as low as this one.

These NSFK Aero-Modelling Proficiency Badges were awarded to the young NSFK, HJ and NPEA model airplane builder/fliers in sets with a badge (the second to last picture).

This is the second pattern design which was only awarded in Bronze and Gold. I do not have research on the requirements of both grade of award.

But for fun and as an additional note of research, the first pattern was awarded in three grades and the last picture is of the first pattern and the requirements for being awarded the first pattern are:

Grade A (A-Prüfung or exam)
Demonstrate flight principals with at least 30 flights. Pass five test flights from launch to landing. The badge was a round blue gray wool badge with white thread embroidery.

Grade B
Perform maneuvers with model airplane causing the plane to make 90 degree and a 360 degree turn during at least five test flights. This badge was produced on a blue gray backing material with matte-yellow thread embroidery.

Grade C
Perform maneuvers and keep the model glider aloft for over 30 minutes during over 20 test flights. This badge was executed on a blue gray wool material hand embroidered with gold bullion thread.

The above awards were given for different types of model airplanes such as gliders, motor driven and rubber band driven.


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