Hanna's Militaria is a proud benefactor of the reenacting unit, StabsKompanie - Nachrichtenzug.

StabsKompanie - Nachrichtenzug is an Ohio based German Reenacting unit specializing in using period equipment to establish fully functioning phone lines and radio communications at events.

Below we highlight some of the equipment, vehicles and weapons that make our unit and brand unique

Krupp Kfz 72 

This museum quality reproduction is built on the chassis of a 1944 GMC M35 2½-ton cargo truck. The exterior is completed and the interior is an ongoing project that will be completed by the early summer of 2021. The truck will be outfitted with a 17ft radio mast, functioning radios and phones and will be used at events as a communications hub.


Reproduction BMW R-71 w/ Sidecar

This bike would have been used in many different roles and capacities throughout the war as Germany had the largest motorcycle production capacity in the world.

This example is a converted postwar CJ-750



76 mm divisional gun M1936 (F-22)

This F-22 is a Soviet weapon that was most likely captured by the Germans, then sold to Finland to fight against Russia. At one point, it's estimated that the Germans had more of these guns in their service than the Soviets managed to retain and in 1942 they made more ammunition for this than their own Pak 40. 



1938 Ford G917T

These trucks were built in the US for two years, 1937 and 1938 and were also built all over the world. Our example has been completely rewired, runs well and is used to move troops and equipment including the F-22



PM M1910

This 1944 dated Soviet Maxim has an original (not ground dug) shield and has been adapted to gas fire.