Unissued DRK Service Tunic and Trousers

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Charcoal grey wool/rayon blend construction tunic. The tunic features a four button front closure. The tunic has four, front, pleated pockets with scalloped button down flaps. The two breast pockets are the basic patch type while the two hip pockets are the saddlebag type with expanding side panels. The straight cut sleeve cuffs each have a small vertical outside seam slash with dual fit adjustment buttons.

Typical zig-zag stitching to the backside of the collar as is found on Third Reich production tunics. All original buttons and stitching. The lined interior of the tunic has a field dressing pocket, with a single button closure, situated at the right front tail skirt. Unissued and super clean.

DRK grey wool service trousers. I couldn't find any visible markings Could not find any visible markings, although they are most probably there someplace. Roughly a size 32" waist. Nice clean pair.

This comes with a nicely stamped DRK armband.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review