WORKING Volksempfänger People's Radio VE301Wn

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This is the largest of the Volksempfänger Radios and the only example i can find for sale. The most common Volksempfänger  you'll find is the VE301W model which measures 11 inches tall and this one towers over it at almost 16 inches in height. The dials and toggle switches all work, the cord is in tact and this is the nicest radio I've ever owned. Inside you have the option to change the power source from 220 to 110.

This example WORKS. We plugged it in to the adapter linked on Amazon below and happened to find a local station that we were able to pick up with the included antenna plug in.

I cannot guarantee that there will be a station near you that you can pick up however there are small radio transmitter on Amazon that should be able to transmit whatever music or radio you want to the radio.

This radio is in excellent condition and would make an excellent addition to any display or collection.

The Volksempfänger (people’s receiver) was a range of radio receivers developed by engineer Otto Griessing at the request of Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda of the Nazi regime. The purpose of the Volksempfänger-program was to make radio reception technology affordable to the general public. Goebbels realized the great propaganda potential of this relatively new medium and thus considered widespread availability of receivers highly important (wikipedia).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review